Still Riding the Rollercoaster

Since surgery on  Feb 14th I put in a lot of work on my fitness. More specially my abdominals. I completed a 6 week plan from a great friend of mine Nina. I got amazing results.  About the fifth week in I started to feel some crazy fatigue and wasn’t even  doing much during the […]

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Mind is a Powerful Thing

Since my last post I have had one round of chemo and have been wearing the optune like its a ball cap.Right now I seem to be averaging about 22 hours a day. It breaks down like that because when I unplug and when I am putting on new arrays the machine is off. This […]

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Back on Treatment

I’m back on the optune and chemo. It was nice to be off them for a bit. If only another brain surgery didn’t have to happen. But being back on these things gives me mixed emotions. It felt so amazing not taking chemo and not having something attached to me all the time. But here’s […]

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Reaching Out

I have had a lot of people. I guess mostly friends telling my I have been distant or even stand offish. I want to clear the air here. Maybe I have or maybe I haven’t. I honestly don’t know. But what I do know is I was diagnosed with a terminal disease in 2018. I […]

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Comeback Time!!

    GREAT NEWS!!!! It wasn’t tumor. It was cell changes and death from treatment. Or as she put it “treatment affect “. In other words “best news ever!”  Long day at the hospital but it was worth it. So the Chemo and Optune are working. I will start treatment again in a month. The […]

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