Comeback Time!!

    GREAT NEWS!!!! It wasn’t tumor. It was cell changes and death from treatment. Or as she put it “treatment affect “. In other words “best news ever!”  Long day at the hospital but it was worth it. So the Chemo and Optune are working. I will start treatment again in a month. The […]

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Here We Go Again

As my title says, here we go again. I will be having brain surgery again to remove whatever is in my head. No better way to spend Valentines Day than having brain surgery, am I right? During this I would ask you all to spend it with the people you love and live the day […]

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Just My Luck

I just had an MRI this morning and then saw my neuro oncologist. First we saw the nurse, vitals are taken and she says the Nurse Practitioner will be right in. The NP didn’t come in for 25 minutes. I had a sense not everything was okay. Sure enough the NP said the area that […]

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Keep Calm And Baby Step It Out.

Today started out great and continued till tonight, after dinner. I end up having one of my symptoms/signs that a seizure could soon happen. Good news is nothing has happened and I took a Valium to help stop the symptom. Now this meant no gym tonight. This mentally hurts. I have to keep reminding myself […]

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What To Say Or Not

What is the correct thing to say to a person going trough cancer or something like what I am going through, Ill tell you one thing for sure is that you don’t walk up to the person and say “you make me feel healthy”. Which is what happened to me today while I was loading […]

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