Emotional Rollercoaster

  Today I had a follow up appointment to talk about my MRI I had this week. This was a follow up MRI from last month which showed tumor growth. Today my doctor show my new MRI to the tumor board and they all came to the conclusion that my tumor isn’t showing growth and […]

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FD Rock Climbing Weekend

The weekend at Devils Lake with the First Decent clan. Mixed with all sorts of emotions. Laughter, sadness, hardships, compassion and probably a lot more. Seeing a mixture of people connecting and challenging each other was amazing.  I myself went through a lot of those emotions. I have prided myself on being able to accomplish […]

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Don’t Judge A Book

Lately things have been a world-wind becoming an ambassador for novocure which will allow me to travel and talk about optune and what is does and has done for me. Here’s what also has been happening. This week has been chemo week which means my energy level has been down. But I’m handling it with […]

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Whatever It Takes

Today was MRI day.  It showed that the Temodar and Optune are working but just not enough. I have been having some numbness in the left hand and fingers. This is considered a focal seizure. When I have symptoms like this, that means something is happening in my brain. We had a talk about what […]

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New Challenges and Adventures

This week has been full of ups and downs I’m not just talking day to day but even through one day. I Had chemo this week and it started to show itself with side effects such as fatigue and lack of hunger. I ended the chemo cycle on Wednesday and still have yet to fully […]

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Keeping Busy

Since things have been going well lately I have been adding more to my schedule. I Have been doing a lot more volunteering. The beginning of the month I volunteered at brain tumor family camp. It’s so incredibility nice to see these kids and parents smiling. For them to be able to talk with other […]

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