WHY did JUNE have to happen


I don’t know how but my life has been nothing but speed bumps. June hit hard this year. Last I talked about my tumor being back. Well the tumor has grown even more. I discontinued my temodar chemo because it wasn’t working. I am now on an IV chemo called Avastin 1 day every two weeks. While on that chemo I also take another by pill every 6-8 weeks.

I am not feeling things too bad right now. Side effects have been mostly fatigue. I have been getting in some local trips and hiking in while my body still has the energy. A boat day, a canoe day, and also spent one weekend up in northern Wisconsin/Michigan.

Days seem to being going by faster and faster for me. I am  still getting in workouts and taking naps. Im still stubborn and will not give up my workouts. while I do them at home now, but that doesn’t stop me. I’m fight the beast of a tumor with everything I got. That also means fitness.

Next MRI is End of July


here is what a chemo day at the hospital looks like for me.

 get to my 8 am bloodwork appointment early so that they will be on time for my 8am bloodwork.  Bloodwork always tuns late too.

Thing is when I got there the waiting area was packed. Majority with 8-815 appointments.  Average age of mid 50s only because of the young adult around age of 19 and me being 30 that brought the average down. 

Got to my 9am chemo appointment early at 830. 

Seems like chemo days seem to come quicker. It’s actually one day.  Every other week. But I’m on my third Third dose of chemo. 


prepared for the morning with an energy drink.  Also brought coffee to keep me awake.

just me and the POLE





My new normal

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