Was April 2020 real?



April 2020 is something that nobody saw coming.  For me things were ramped up even more. Before the stay at home order I had an MRI that showed there might be some tumor spots. The doctor and I agreed on waiting another six weeks to see what the next MRI would look like to make decisions on what to do . Well six weeks later the MRI didn’t show anything good. Plus it was stay at home time. This doctor appointment was done face to face but over the phone. It is hard to say that bad news is worse over the phone compared to in person. I just know bad news is bad news.



During this virus things have turned even worse for me.  I don’t just have to stay home but I am now back on chemo to fight this beast of a tumor. I will be on the same dosage as I was before. This time it will be for a year. But here’s the kicker…if/when this chemo does its job again. After a year, I will continue on for lifelong chemo to keep this tumor at bay.

Yea….Fuck me right!!!

It’s taken a while for me to write a blog about this because like everybody else, I was still transitioning to life at home. This tumor just ramped the “life at home” up that much more. I am fighting my ass off to just keep this fucker at bay. Some people might say that what is my Optune (head gear) doing then since it’s back. Well this tumor could have come back sooner or even have came back bigger. That is what my Optune does, slows done the growth of this terminal tumor.





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