What You Can Accomplish In A Year

One year, 365ish days. So long but yet, so short. Last year my Valentine’s Day for me started out with an early morning date with my surgeon. My date and my present was brain surgery.


Nobody truly knows how a surgery will turn out. You get the words of this is  “just” this and that. “should be” only this.  In truth anything can happen. I went in to this surgery  looking to wake up again. I was so ready for this surgery to be done and over with so that I can get back to life. Things this time seem to take forever. CT scan wasn’t completely working and surgery wasn’t starting on time. Turned out my parent sat in the waiting area from 7am to 1pm. They saw me before 7am but that was the gap they didn’t see me.

Once I got settled into my room at the hospital, it did not seem like I really had brain surgery. Pain wasn’t the same as the other times. I guess that’s because this skull has been opened in the same spot two other times before. I was talking and not taking as much pain meds.


Feeling so good after surgery and later passing physical therapy with flying colors. I only had to stay one night. It was just crazy.

While at home I was able to take the bandage off. IMG_0969.jpeg

After about a week of being home. I was cleared to do light to moderate cardio. I was told as much cardio as I wanted. For me, that was like lighting the Bat signal. It was time for the comeback!!  I would bike while watching tv shows and movies. I would walk the inside of the house. I called them “house arrest” laps. IMG_0990.jpegRecovery was going so well I had to start working on my mindset. I was waiting for the ball to drop sort of speak. Almost like things were too good to be true.  Not long after being cleared for cardio, I then got cleared for 10lb weight limit. Oh Boy!!! I was way too excited.  I knew that meant 5lbs per hand and I got my exercises ready. Oh and I got myself a new set of weights. I call these my ‘comeback” weights.


I started biking and working out with these weights and building back up my strength. At this point there was no return. 2019 was filled with so much! Soon enough I was right back in the gym.



I was able to give speeches and talk with families all over the United States. I even got to talk with Senators at the capital in D.C. about medicare coverage as it pertains to Glioblastoma and the device I where. My Optune.


I created a new me in many ways. I realized my “why”.  I transformed myself completely. I trained while finishing up about 6 of my chemo treatments and then continued on. I was so determined that chemo wasn’t going to hold me back. Now I am done with chemo and I’m feeling better than ever! Through the late nights and empty gyms. The hotel gyms.

2019 was the year that created Timstrong19.


“inspiring while motivating”

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