We Are a Month Into 2020


I sit here writing this and I’m reflecting on how far I have come since 2018. After May of 2018 the rest of the year kinda turned into a blur. One big battle to live filled with a brain surgery and then chemo with radiation.  Thats most of what I can remember from 2018. Last year turned into a building year. A year of getting back to being me. Taking back what I thought was once lost. I got my life back in my hands. Making my own decisions again. What a year it was. Traveling, speaking at events, and getting back into shape.


January 2020 I continued what I began in 2019. Working on me and changing the world best I know how.  I  had one MRI this month and it came back as stable. Which is a great thing.  This year I am coming out full force to make things happen. I look forward to speaking more and transitioning my speaking into Motivational/Inspirational speaking.

I’m feeling better than ever and I have more people reaching out to me. I feel like the impact I start to make in 2019 has continued on to this new year. Crazy thing is we are only one month into the new year.


I’m determined to make this my best year yet!

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