The Transformation From 2018-2019


Here we are yet again. Another year coming to an end. 2019 was a year of transition and transformation for me. This was a year of acceptance and change. After spending the half of 2018 recovering from another brain surgery and then having radiation and chemo.I finished my year long monthly chemo sessions this year.  This year I needed to take back my life. This year I made it my mission to impact as many people as I could. I wanted to get back into shape and I wanted to do it while I was affecting change. I wore my Optune all year and now it’s part of me. It gives me life. In a way,  it gives my life meaning. I am absolutely grateful that something like this is available. It has been around 1 year and 7 months since I found out about this GBM, terminal brain tumor. The first year, or 2018. I spent the time recovering, in self pity, doubt, with hatred, and with fear of the unknown.

56619289907__7131D8FE-D0B2-4E12-96B7-0CA8AE8B4AD4MY MONTHLY CHEMO PILLS I TOOK


I may have had a minor brain surgery. LMAO as I typed “minor”. Had the surgery in February this year but wow.



2019 was so good to me. I met so many amazing people. Impacted so many lives. In return I felt inspired to inspire more. I was able to travel a lot. I was able to speak with senators about insurance coverage for TTFields or tumor treatment fields treatment.  I never thought being put through what I have been put through would put me in a position like this.  I was able to speak at events and on news channels. I transformed my Life. I value things so much more. I see things through another lens. This year I found my Why. My Purpose. I am alive and here for a reason.

IMG_0112This is me speaking with Senator Mcsally


To cap it off. Battled cancer for 15 years and counting, devils lake hike and rock climbing.

2019 transformation.

2020 is my year to take this to the next level. It’s time to further this “thriving while surviving” to new heights!!!

Now it’s time to say “Survived and Thriving!”



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