Feeling Amazing but… Scanxiety for the day

I really have been feeling so great lately. Making random appearances here and there. Sharing my story and talking with people. My optune or Tina/Felecia has been part of my throuple for over a year now. Lately Felecia has stayed away. I have incorporated my optune in my life so well that it feels weird when I don’t wear it. So much progress in my life, my workouts. Thriving while Surviving is becoming an understatement. I mean I know that I’m still a “ticking time bomb” in a way. But omfg I feel amazing. I’m doing so much. Not just to help others but also for myself. I wake up and just want to spend the day doing anything/everything. If I wasn’t wearing the optune I would honestly forget I had this tumor in my head.

The only time I get a little scanxiety is when things have been great. And today I have a MRI and I have had an amazing past two months. It’s crazy. But that always scares me when I haven’t had anything problems leading up to a scan. But I think I’m well past due to keep this high going!! Here’s to a clean scan.

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