Plowing Through

What an amazing past few days I have had. I spoke in front of more than 1000 people and told my story. It was such an experience so many people listening. Coming up to me and sharing their stories and thanking me for sharing mine. The cancer crush walk was one to help raise funds for cancer research.

Not I’m here to tell you that’s not the only thing I get to talk about during this blog. Tonight was my last night of chemo. After a years worth of chemo cycles..

I have done the tumor resection!

I have completed Radiation!

Now I have completed Chemo!

Next step is out living this disease!!

I feel so amazing. This diagnosis was a game changer. It is a life changer. But I really did #flip the script and Not let cancer control me and instead put the power back in my hands. This cancer, this tumor is living with me!!

I am so very honored and proud to say that I’m Thriving while Surviving.


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