Being Single or Dating While Battling Cancer

I honestly feel amazing. Life has been good for me this past year. I’m making an impact. Inspiring so many. When I got his with this diagnosis a year ago I would have never thought I would feel like this both mentally and physically. Its amazing how far I have come. I smile so much and yet there one thing I fall short on.

The people we see the most as patients and make the biggest connections with. The nurses, the doctors and all other medical professionals. They are off limits because ethical reason and the law being the law.

Here’s the thing though and I honestly think I’m not alone. The one thing that is so close to impossible that most lose hope. I’m talking about dating. That is dating after cancer or dating while having/treating cancer. It’s a rode block. It’s basically a “cock” block. It is something a lot of people are scared to do. I would say on both sides, being the patient or the potential date of somebody that has directly been affected by cancer. In my head, which I hope everybody would think this of themselves, I’m a great person. I’m a fucking catch. But here I am not even getting the chance to play. I am lucky if I get a like on any of these dating sites. But here’s the thing. I’m honest and would never lie about what I have been through. It is what made me who I am today.

But then that gets me thinking. Should I hide this side of me until I get a date or two. Personally I just can’t. Yes I do feel lonely in this aspect in my life. But I don’t let it slow me down. I give it a day where I just let out my frustrations about it but then I get back to the good things in my life. The fact that I have had 2 birthdays since this terminal diagnosis. The fact that I’m a live and doing so much good.


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