Chemo Hit Me Like a Bomb This Round

I don’t even know how to put this in terms I want to say. I feel in a way defeated this week, My body needed a lot of rest. My mind needed rest. Everything seems to be taking its toll. Today has been mentally a rough one. The realization of being stuck at home, being single still. I went to the gym two different times today but each time I was not mentally capable to workout. My mind wasn’t right. These back to school posts and friends showing and talking about their summer. Idk i guess I’m jealous. I had an amazing summer myself. But the sad thing is a lot of it felt alone. No big groups of friends, no weddings.  I have been thriving on all aspects of life while battling this cancer but in the aspect of the friends category. I have been struggling. I feel alone. the-game-of-life-is-worth-playing-but-the-struggle-is-the-prize-quote-1

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