Say What!!!

The day started off with a bang. Early morning phone call from the hospital to change my appointment time to earlier. They kept telling my mother on the phone it wasn’t because of my MRI but they didn’t say why the time change. We went in for the new time but with the mind in the unknown. I have been feeling so good lately that I didn’t want to back track. That’s all I kept thinking.

Turns out there was no need to worry. The MRI looked great. In fact even better than great. My doctor said the cyst area has gotten smaller. The two small areas of concern have diminished. This news is more than I ever expected. I really am thriving while surviving. I believe my method with fighting my cancer with fitness is working!

I’m still traveling and will be busy every weekend in September to still forward my message. Today is off to an amazing start. The fire inside me is burning high right now. I’m over come with Joy!!

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