Quick August Update

The world wind of my life continues. I am kinda at a loss with what to talk about. August has been a pretty chill month with not much happening. My birthday and my mothers birthday was this month. Other than that I have stayed in milwaukee most the month. My mother hit the big 60 with grace. We went to Zoo a la carte in milwaukee. It is an event at the county zoo where restaurants set up booths and sell some of their food. So you get to walk around see some animals while eating good food and drinking beverages if you please.

On my 30th I decided that I wasn’t really up for much. That night i went out to eat with my family. But during the day I decided to get a tattoo.

My I made my 30th a milestone. I was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumors before my birthday last year so that meant that I have now made it two birthdays since being diagnosed. that is why I got two strong words tattooed on my arm.

The night after my birthday, kindness struck me while I was out to eat with a friend. There was a family sitting next to us that was celebrating their sons/grandson graduation to wearing the medical white coat. I found this out When the older gentlemen, probably around his early 80s struck up a conversation with me. He ask me if I just had surgery. I then explained myself and my situation a little bit and he then told me that he was also a brain tumor survivor. He also went around his table introducing everybody there to me. That’s when I found out about his grandson and then also that his grandson mother was a NP. It was one of the sweetest thing to hear and be apart of. He was so proud. Little did I know what was coming. The family left and when it came around time to get our bill the waitress told us the family that was next to us paid our bill and left a little note. I instantly got the chills and teared up. All I could think is why, we just talked and shared experiences. I was so taken back.

Here’s a little news segment about the act of kindness.


The impacts I am making helps keep the fire inside me burning. I’m here for so much more.

Every birthday I have, I will keep having another word added to the arm. I can promise you this, the arm will fill up and I’ll have to think of something else to do so I can mark each birthday. I do not plan on going anywhere. This tumor will not take me or be the end of me. Ill die of old age. I am feeling to good and doing to much good to let this even come close to getting the best of me!!

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