FD Rock Climbing Weekend

climbing3climbing4climbing2jpgclimbing1The weekend at Devils Lake with the First Decent clan. Mixed with all sorts of emotions. Laughter, sadness, hardships, compassion and probably a lot more. Seeing a mixture of people connecting and challenging each other was amazing.  I myself went through a lot of those emotions. I have prided myself on being able to accomplish things even though cancer has taken so much from me. This weekend while climbing I found a new challenge. Due to having my hips being replaced, I found myself not being able to completely climb. I couldn’t reach spots with my legs, I couldn’t push off with my legs. Even on the hike up to and down from the rock climbing spot my legs felt shaky. I felt so defeated and mad that I couldn’t do these things. Even with the fact that the hike was so hard for me.  I gave myself sometime to be frustrated and pissed. Pissed that cancer took this from me. Then I got to thinking about it in a better way. Cancer didn’t take these things from me, all cancer did was make me change the way I have to do things. Cancer just makes me have to work a little harder to do these things but I still did them. Even with the struggle. I accomplished them. All with having an amazing group of fellow cancer survivors that were probably facing their own challenges during this time. We all encouraged each other to push harder and to BELIEVE in ourselves. To believe that we CAN do it.”

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