Don’t Judge A Book

Lately things have been a world-wind becoming an ambassador for novocure which will allow me to travel and talk about optune and what is does and has done for me. Here’s what also has been happening. This week has been chemo week which means my energy level has been down. But I’m handling it with doing just cardio with bike riding.

On a side note while I’m able to still live my life and work out and laugh. On the other side that most people don’t see. I’m taking drugs morning and night.. add one week of chemo every month. All while wearing my optune. I have done all that. Recently I have had sensory seizures where my hand goes numb for around 10 minutes. But that’s not all let’s add to this shit. Today I got news from my doctor. My current treatment isn’t working enough (lmao I read this to edit it and that made me laugh…not working enough part. To be honest shit ain’t working) and my tumor is growing in different places in my brain. This means It’s time to change treatment. Another choice I have to make where I get 3 options. I have had too many times where I have had to make choices like this for the past 12ish years.

Yes I look fine, in fact I’m feeling good. But don’t judge a book by its cover. I can’t live my life in t the bad because then that’s all I think about. I’m living in the here and now. I honestly hate the treatments, I hate the side effects I get from all of it. But if I’m fighting for life I’m not going to be living like it. “I’m living like I’m thriving right now so that when shit like today happens I can deal with it. I’m getting pretty good at the mindfulness game.

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