New Challenges and Adventures

This week has been full of ups and downs I’m not just talking day to day but even through one day. I Had chemo this week and it started to show itself with side effects such as fatigue and lack of hunger. I ended the chemo cycle on Wednesday and still have yet to fully bounce back. The fatigue likes to stick around for a bit but I’m back to eating food ha. I powered through the week with a couple weight workouts at the gym but mostly cardio at home. Even I, know when to rest. Or kind of rest that is.

That brings me to what I did today just a few days post chemo. Rock Climbing!!! Something I rarely do and have maybe done once. It was definitely challenging. My strength was challenged. I had so much fun climbing. I didn’t know I would enjoy something like that. It’s something I’m going to start looking into more, things that challenge me more.

In other are looking or at this time reading this. A new ambassador for the device i wear called the optune!! This awesome opportunity which includes travel and appearance. Also eventually some one on one phone calls with people. This is something that I have been wanting to get into. Impacting more lives with the gift of life and strength that I have been given.

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