Keeping Busy

Since things have been going well lately I have been adding more to my schedule. I Have been doing a lot more volunteering. The beginning of the month I volunteered at brain tumor family camp. It’s so incredibility nice to see these kids and parents smiling. For them to be able to talk with other families that are in similar situations and just speak their mind. It is amazing to see.

I have started back up with chemo again and powering through. I have been seeing some more side effects with these rounds like fatigue and hunger issues. My doctor says that when people come off chemo for a bit and then go back on they experience more side effects.

The month of may is brain tumor month. My month is filled with anniversaries for finding out when I had my brain tumors and then when I had the surgeries. Back last year on this day, (may 14, 2018) I had my second brain surgery and this one was the worst. Surgery went well but the pathology of the tumor came back as a GBM which is a terminal disease. I have been wearing my optune on since last September. I like to say, I’m not living with cancer, cancer is living with me. I choose not to Sulk in this news but flourish in it. I’m here for a reason and I’m going to make that impact and continue to live one hell of a life!

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