Still Riding the Rollercoaster

Since surgery on  Feb 14th I put in a lot of work on my fitness. More specially my abdominals. I completed a 6 week plan from a great friend of mine Nina. I got amazing results.  About the fifth week in I started to feel some crazy fatigue and wasn’t even  doing much during the day and then just abs at night.

Now during those 6 weeks I also received a week of chemo. Durning all this I’m still wearing my optune. I continued my ab routine. the ab workouts helped me fight the fatigue.I haven’t been able to do much else. I was taking a couple naps everyday and still feeling  run-downed.

But the fight, the willingness to push myself for what I want. Keeps the ride going!


Today, the 10th, I had an MRI and an anointment with my doctor. I was told by my doctor today that normally about the 3rd week after chemo week your body feels really fatigued.  My doctor was very pleased with  my how MRI looked along with the way things are going. This was a great relief, weight off my shoulders. I get to stay on the treatment path and will be starting another round of chemo Thursday this week. Time to continue this ride!!




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