Mind is a Powerful Thing

Since my last post I have had one round of chemo and have been wearing the optune like its a ball cap.Right now I seem to be averaging about 22 hours a day. It breaks down like that because when I unplug and when I am putting on new arrays the machine is off. This all breaks down to around 92% of the time I am wearing it. I’m still getting back into the whole taking it everywhere with me thing. Let me tell you though. It has not stopped me from working out. I either have it on the floor next to me or on my back.My mind seems to be the biggest factor this time around and just reminding myself how far I have come.When I start to think negative thoughts then my mind stays there. I always am bringing myself back to the real world and reminding myself that I’m dominating this recovering.

This time around I seemed to be a pro at it now. Not to say I want to be. But I know how to adapt with it and its been nice. I still am taking it easy with the working out and lifting weights because I’m not that far out from brain surgery. Only about a month and a half.

I should be done with my chemo come October. Which will be one less thing to worry about.I have an appointment coming up on April 10th. This will be my first MRI scan since I have been home and recovering. So fingers crossed for a good scan I think I’d take a brake and have a good few years of living life.

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