Recovery Has Been a Crazy Dream

I would have never thought that I would get home from brain surgery and feel so well. As I knock on wood typing this up. After I got my restrictions loosened I start my comeback. I started walking “house arrest” laps as I call them, I started to use my light weights. I mean I call them comeback weights.

At first I started to mostly do cardio with my bike and with walking house laps. I could feel my energy starting to comeback slowly. I start to not need naps because I wasn’t sitting around getting tired. I can feel myself feeling better and better as days after surgery added up. Seven days after surgery I started incorporating weights back into my workout. I felt amazing lifting these color weights.

Yea that 77 there means I did that many laps to get to a mile in my house. I would do this daily. As crazy as it sounds I started to feel better and better everyday.

That brings me to last night. February 27th, 2019. That date is exactly two weeks from the day of my last workout before surgery. I was back at the gym!!! Mind blowing. Even to myself. I followed everything that my doctors said with the restrictions and did it all at home to work my way back to the gym. That feeling I get when I am in that atmosphere is unreal. I still did the same workouts I was doing at home with the same weights but I was back at the gym!! At only two weeks post op.

I even had a guy come up to me and and tell me he was glad to see me back at the gym. I recognized him as somebody I saw the night of my event. I felt so honored. These days I can’t help but truly believe that I am here for something bigger. Something more than myself.

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