Comeback Time!!



maxresdefaultGREAT NEWS!!!! It wasn’t tumor. It was cell changes and death from treatment. Or as she put it “treatment affect “. In other words “best news ever!”  Long day at the hospital but it was worth it. So the Chemo and Optune are working. I will start treatment again in a month.

The MRI before surgery showed a white ring with rough edges. It had changed in the last three months so the tumor board said surgery to determine what it was, would be the right move. Now after surgery, the MRI just looks white (which is blood product) in the area where the white ring was. It is definitely farther back in my head near the vision center (occipital lobe).

All the waiting and uncertainty up to this point. Then i get the news I wanted and hoped for. In two weeks I get my stitches out and today I got some restrictions lifted. I am now allowed to lift up to 10 lbs, walk, and ride a stationary bike as long as I want or is tolerable without resistance.  Time to start the recovery. Baby steps of course.

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