I’m at the point where news like this I’m numb to.

Surgery went well. The doctor wasn’t able to get all the tumor because it was around the central vision area. If he damaged that, I wouldn’t be able to read. I have recovered quickly. The only thing that hurts is the area where the doctor had to cut more bone.

Now it’s time to heal and the talk to the doctors about what’s next. The results from pathology will come next week. My doctor said it looked like tumor not cyst. If it does come back as tumor then it’s time to look elsewhere for treatment alternatives. I was lucky yet again with coming out of surgery with everything intact. Idk if I’m ready to take that chance again. Three brain surgeries later and with this growth happening within 8 month. Its time to look for alternative treatments.

I also was in a new segment with cbs 58 before my surgery and the workout event I had the night before.


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