Life sure isn’t ALL Rainbows and Butterflies.


I got a phone call this morning from my neurologist oncologist. She said the tumor board agreed with my doctor with not knowing exactly what it is but at the same time is recommending surgery. They want to do a functional MRI to map the motor and sensory pathways. They want to see if they can avoid these pathways or are they intertwined in whatever this is in my head. It is important because I am having the numbing feelings in my hand. These feelings appear out of no where and last about 5 minutes and then just go away. The problem tho is these have been happening more frequently.

Can’t schedule this now because the neuroscience department is closed. Maybe because of the cold. I should hear something tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon.  This put me at a loss for words because I sit here possibly needing a dangerous surgery to save my life and I can even set up this appointment right now.

I am to the point now where I just want to live without having to fight all the time.

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