Just My Luck

I just had an MRI this morning and then saw my neuro oncologist. First we saw the nurse, vitals are taken and she says the Nurse Practitioner will be right in. The NP didn’t come in for 25 minutes. I had a sense not everything was okay. Sure enough the NP said the area that they are monitoring looks different. The white area has grown. It now measures 25.9mm. Inside the white circle is fluid. They are not sure if this is tumor growth or if it is a cyst. Chemo and the Optune cause cell death which releases liquid. The brain isn’t able to observed this liquid rapidly. So anyways, they are taking my case to the tumor board. Tomorrow I will get answers. My options are surgery, steroids, addition of another IV chemo, or monitor for another month.

This information explains why the Hand would go numb. The area of growth is near motor areas and sensory areas.

While this news is a Debby Downer. I’m ready for whatever comes my way. I haven’t had a seizure since August so this did come a s a shock. When is my turn to live life to the fullest without dragging cancer along.

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