Fun Trip But Rough Start To 2019

After Christmas my family and I took a 8 day trip to st. Augustine FL where the weather was 60s and enjoying living right on the beach for a bit. This vacation was perfect and I took my optune off everyday in the morning and put it back on every night when we would get back to the condo. It was a good mind reset for me since at the time I just hit 100 days of wearing the optune.

Now on to the pressing matters. I had my MRI scheduled for the 8th of January and things ended up going awry and the hospital didn’t send out the approval paperwork for my MRI to my insurance too late. Had to cancel the MRI and my doctors appointments scheduled. I got my MRI and doctor appointment rescheduled to the 29th now. I wish I could say the problems stopped there but they don’t. My doctors office forgot to update my chemo paperwork so I haven’t received my chemo pills for this week. Luckily I have enough extras to put together the correct dosage for 4 days out of the suppose to 5. Here’s to hoping 2019 starts to turn around for me.

Only 16 pills of chemo a night this week ha.


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