How Random But How Honored I Am To Share My Story When I Get The Chance

One of the most heart endearing things happened during my layover today. An older women walked up to me as I was sitting there easting and she said “woah, looks like you got a lot going on there?”

That’s when I got to talking about the optune and what it does. Talked about what I’m going through. Also Told her a little about my history as she stood there and listened to every word I said without ever looking away. She then wished me luck and said she will pray for me as she walk away. Turns out she went and told her husband about me and about what I told her so of course she came back and brought him along this time. He didn’t have much to say but wanted to shake my hand and wish me luck. They both walked away and eventually the elderly man came back and told me he wanted to give me something. Turned out to be a coin of the patron saint of cancer. I have never heard of it till then. But he held my hand and handed it to me. When he handed it to me the coin was actually pretty warm as if he had been carrying it. Well he had good reason. After he gave me the coin he then told me he is also battling cancer right now and that is was lung cancer.

I think maybe, just maybe I was somebody he needed to meet to give him that extra energy or push to keep fighting. Or was it the other way around…

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