Rough Past Few Days

To Think I started with only one pill of chemo and now I’m here.

What can I say about the past five or so days. I guess I start will being human. I have found out during this past week that even somebody who have been through the process of cancer a few times will still get the side effects. Boy did it hit out the blue on last Sunday the 9th. I was given tickets to the packers game and knew it was going to be a cold one. What I didn’t see coming was the chills with the uncontrollable shivering I would get. I could stop and I was just chilled to the bone. I was fortunate enough to have my uncle live in Green Bay so I called him to come get me so I could get warm. At the time I just wanted to get warm and that was the only thing on my mind. It wasn’t until I was home later that night that it hit me. The fact that the evil thing of cancer and treatment got the best of me. I work so hard to not let this cancer affect me. But I have realized that it I am going to have these symptoms. It’s just really hard when I receive these donations like the tickets and then don’t make it through the game. Things like that get me down. For instance today is my last day of this chemo cycle and lack of hunger/tiredness is really taking affect on me. Just wish there was more control over when I have the symptoms. I know there’s not so when these things happen it just takes me time to let these thing soak in and keep reminding myself to take things slow and take the good with the bad.

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