Right now I’m talking about Quality Of Life. The type of life worth living extra for. Right now that is exactly what I’m doing. Chemo, radiation, and this Optune. All to live longer and to hopefully end the cycles of cancer.

One thing about quality of life and how many more years this treatment will give me. It is hard not to think about this, what kinda of QUALITY will that life be. I think about that a lot but that doesn’t change the way I go about fighting right now. I am still fighting for my future. Today I had my Optune data looked at for the past month to see what/if there were any problems. At this time they also tell me the percentage of time I wear these arrays on my head. I’m proud to say that this past month I was able to wear it 86% of the time. That comes out to me wearing it at least 20 hours a day. Now most of the time I’m always wearing it but on the days that I have to change my arrays because they aren’t sticking to my head anymore, I will go a good 7 hours without wearing them. I will take a shower, nap with nothing on my head, and just doing anything without having something attached to me .Here’s to pushing forward while living a life worth living for.

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