Lately I don’t really know if I have been honest with myself. Let’s start with a few things:

This optune thing fucking sucks. I have to take it everywhere with me. I never thought putting on and taking off a shirt would require so much work. I literally have to turn off my machine, unplug my head cord and then tuck it in the shirt and then I’m finally able to put/take my shirt on/off. Never thought I miss the days of just putting a shirt on the average way. I’m laying in bed right now and I am still plugged in. My movement is determined by my cord.

I don’t know if each day I’m finding more ways to adapt with it or if I’m just going through another day waiting, waiting for the day where I won’t need this anymore.

I guess if I’m really honest with myself. I think I’m more depressed about having most my independence taken away these days. But I don’t go through all this just for kicks. I’ll be back to living MY life.

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