Three Weeks of Optune

The first 3 weeks of wearing this thing took some getting use to. The first week was just an adjustment period to wearing it all the time and having to sleep with it. As the days went on it really just became something I had to deal with. After the first with I started battling a low grade fever which was just wiping my energy level out and I was sleeping around 20 hours a day to just counteract how tired I was. This week my energy level has been making its way back to normal. I’m able to workout again.

Today I also had an appointment with my Neuro-oncologist to discuss how things were going. She was happy with my platelet count which was 180. She wants blood work again on Monday. If counts are good, we will start a very low dose of chemo. She will watch my platelets very closely. If it drops too much, I will have to change chemo drugs.

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