The Process Of the Device

It’s a crazy process to have to lug around a battery pack and have to wear something on my head while being plugged in. Today is the first day I am changing out the arrays so I kinda get a break from wearing it for a bit while I put new ones on. I have been wearing it since Monday and have been plugged in for 66 total hours. Which comes out to 22hrs a day. That’s more than the minimum of 18hrs a day I was told to be plugged in. But to me, if I’m just sitting around or not working out or doing anything crazy. Why not wear it and better my odds that much more.

It’s still a giant pain to always have to grab the battery pack I’m attached to or to plug in. Sleeping with cords all over and it limiting my moving. Right now it’s definitely frustrating but I’m already getting use to it. It will take time just like anything else to adjust to. There is just extra steps I now have included in everything I do.

I do know one thing tho, I’m going to


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