It’s Time To Adapt To The New Way Of Life

Today was the day. I got my Optune device and my mother, my brother, as well as myself were taught on how to apply the array stickers and all other stuff that goes along with this device. I will be wearing/plugged in for a minimum Of 18 hours a day. The batteries only last for 2-3 hours which I thought was pretty short. Was thinking they would last at least 4 hours. When I am at home I am able to plug directly into an outlet. As weird as that sounds. One thing is for sure is that you can watch a million videos, read a bunch of articles, and every other way to take in information about the device. But there is no way of completely be ready for the way it feels or looks. The emotional impact it has when you first have it on and espically when you start thinking about your lifestyle and how this will fit in with it. Its a lot and today is the first day of the rest of my life.

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