Recovery Days & Getting Back To My Lifestyle

Most of my recovery days right now are spent just taking it easy and letting my body do what it needs to do to recover. Durning these days I have been able to get workouts in and take advantage of the time to catch up on sleep. I even just got back from taking a weekend trip to MN with my family to celebrate the completion of radiation. The trip was great. It was a good way to turn off my brain from thinking about what I am currently facing. Now being able to workout has done my anxiety and stress levels wonders. It is my own little getaway from the real world. Now I havent built up the tolerance/courage to head to an actual gym yet, but I am in no rush. I still get great workouts right in the comforts of my home. It’s amazing how I feell during and after my workouts. Cancer will not take my lifestyle away from me!!

I tend to ride a bike while watching a movie or sports.

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