Started Last Week Of Radiation Treatment With A Bang

If today was any indication of how the rest of this week will go… I am in for it. After getting radiation in the morning and then doing some grocery shopping, I started to have an aura in the store. My parents and I made a quick exit to the car to get home. When I got home, I took  Larazapam, my rescue medicine for seizures. My aura continued for an hour. I then began to have little seizures. It started with twitching in the corner of my eye and then went to my hand. My thumb begins to twitch and then my hand goes to sleep. This time my hand felt wet like it was in water. I ended up in the ER at Froedtert. After many hours in the ER, they decided to keep me overnight. I was able to come home after 20 hours in the hospital. They decided to change my medicines. One of the4 drugs was causing my platelets to tank. As a result of the seizures, I have vision difficulties again. It usually takes a week for my vision to return.  The countdown continues. Two days left!!!

Came in via an ambulance and left in a wheelchair.

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