Things Are Changing…

Last week I was told we were going to stop chemo all together until I finished my radiation since it was already causing problems with my counts so much. That being said my last radiation is on August 9th baring anything else happening.  This didn’t sit well with me and still doesn’t completely.  Its not the aggressive approach the doctor and I decided on. But plans have changed. The fact that I had leukemia before and went through chemo, the risks are that much higher for me. So this new plan is just going to be a different type of aggressive approach I guess if that makes since. The plan now is after I finish my radiation, I will get a month off of everything to let my body recover. After that month off I will then start up on my maintenance phase of chemo for a year. Which means taking chemo 5 days in a row, then 3 weeks off and then 5 on 3 weeks off…. Same process for a year.  I will  also have MRI’s every 2 months. When I start back after that month off, I will also be starting the Optune headgear at the same time.

Now that leads me to some news about the Optune. While INSURANCE is still being a DICK, the company itself approved me for the assistance program which means at most  I will be paying only $50 a month!! Receiving that email was the highlight of my week last week.  After I get my latest MRI on September 4th, my doctor will need about 72 hours to map out exactly where I will be placing the electrodes and I could potentially start wearing the device starting September 7th.IMG_0117.jpeg

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