Just Keep Getting Hit with delays/things that try and fuck up my mental game.

the set back game has hit again. For those that haven’t heard about what happened with me last Friday after my radiation, I ended up having multiple mild seizures that I was able to communicate were going to happen ahead of time due to the fact that I have auras prior to. I was taken down to the emergency department where I ended up having around six mild seizures on my left side and needed Valium to stop them from happening/ from me having a grandmal seizure. I was released later that night after about 4 hours in the ED. Going back for radiation on Monday I had that fear/anxiety in my head of the possibility. But I powered through it and continue on. That leads me to today where I now have been told to take a break from my chemo drug due to the fact that my blood counts are too low. Now I’ll be able to continue radiation but will have to sit back and wait till my blood counts go back up and get the all clear from the doctors to start chemo again.

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