First Day of Radiation

First day was the long day! Since it was the first day of my radiation they did some extra imaging and marked up the mask you see me wearing there on the table. With the radiation techs having to do the extra stuff today, in total I ended up having to be bolted down to the table for just over an hour. Let me tell you, having your head rest on a piece of plastic and then be bolted down with that mask and then the table is basically just wood, no padding. Needless to say it was no walk in the park. That piece of plastic was pushing into the back on my neck just at the bottom of my skull. As you can see from the picture of my face, it was tight. The mask was molded weeks ago and I have been on steroids for a bit which caused me to gain weight. That plus the pressure thats needed to make sure i stay still during the radiation caused the honeycomb look.

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