The Truth Be Told, While Adding 2 The Battle.

After spending lots of time on the phone last week and today with the hospital and my insurance company to try to figure out exactly why I have not been able to start radiation yet. Each blamed the other (insurance/hospital). I have been told that insurance has officially cleared/approved it and I now start radiation tomorrow. After what has been a total of 5 days of oral chemo, which includes today, I get to add the second part to my treatment tomorrow. This is going to be a long hard fought battle. I will roughly be taking oral chemo for a year. During 6 weeks of radiation everyday Monday-Friday, I will take chemo everyday. Once the six weeks of radiation is done i get a month off of everything. Then I will start taking 5 days of chemo every 28 days. I will also start the Optune head array contraption. The Optune isn’t something that I just wear for a certain amount of days. I will have to wear it 18 hours a day or at least 75% of the time and it will be indefinitely. Not something that has an end date or amount of days/weeks/months that it needs to be worn. The Optune will inhibit tumor cell growth but will not totally stop the tumor cells from growing. Even with all of this treatment, I have been told by the doctors the likelihood of the tumor coming back will be within 3 years.image

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