The Comeback Is Always Greater Than The Setback.

So here is the scoop with how my treatment will start.  I can’t start Chemo on Sunday due to my platelets being too low. The pill I would take could tank my platelets so low that I could start bleeding internally and would have to be admitted to the hospital. I will instead now just start radiation on Monday. My Neuro-oncologist will monitor my platelets with weekly lab work and then will come to the decision with me when my counts get up to a safe point to add in the chemo or continue to wait longer. This waiting period between surgery and treatment has been hard enough on me, but now being faced with not being able to attack it with the full force of what the treatment plan would be is a blow to me. I want to go all in at this while at the same time I don’t want to drag it out because I have so much more to live for.

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