The day I heard the news.

Tuesday, May 8th at night I had a MRI and appointment with my doctor scheduled for the 17th. Wednesday came and I was looking forward to my graduation at night. During the day I got a call that requested me to come in the next day right away in the morning. Now as I said, I had my graduation Wednesday night so I kept the appointment from my parents until the next day, that way we and especially they could celebrate my accomplishment. I got a ride from my brother to my doctor appointment the next day and got the news that my Tumor has come back. I was in shock. Now I didn’t expect good news seeing how my appointment got bumped up, but I wasn’t expecting to hear/ see that my tumor has come back. My doctor was upset that I didn’t come with any friends or family for support but I didn’t plan for such drastic news. I was told that this was something that needed to get taken care of right away. Now the day was Thursday May 10th and surgery was going to be May 14th, Monday morning to remove theIMG_0559 tumor.

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