Plowing Through

What an amazing past few days I have had. I spoke in front of more than 1000 people and told my story. It was such an experience so many people listening. Coming up to me and sharing their stories and thanking me for sharing mine. The cancer crush walk was one to help raise funds […]

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ABTA Conference Weekend

This was a one of a kind weekend where my mom and I got to share the spotlight. We had one session where we got to tell our story to about a group of 50 researchers. We were there to put a face to those Petri dishes they see all the time. They asked us […]

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Say What!!!

The day started off with a bang. Early morning phone call from the hospital to change my appointment time to earlier. They kept telling my mother on the phone it wasn’t because of my MRI but they didn’t say why the time change. We went in for the new time but with the mind in […]

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Quick August Update

The world wind of my life continues. I am kinda at a loss with what to talk about. August has been a pretty chill month with not much happening. My birthday and my mothers birthday was this month. Other than that I have stayed in milwaukee most the month. My mother hit the big 60 […]

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Who’s Gon Stop Me!!

I just can’t contain myself. I know it’s not a full year yet. But the change I see. All over. Even in my face. The left looks like a face of a defeated man. The right is a thriving man. I flipped the script and decided it was time to fight like hell to live. […]

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